Nowadays, many people find enjoyment in playing video games on their personal computer, console or even mobile phone. So, whilst learning about computer graphics, I decided on building my very own game from the ground up (including graphical design). Although all of the assets where made by myself, the rules are based on a popular Dutch boardgame "De betoverde doolhof" (i.e. The enchanted maze) where rows/columns of the maze can be shifted to create new paths. The goal of the game is to use this feature in order to complete your shopping list. Power-ups are activated using the number keys (1-5), whilst movement is controlled by WASD and the mouse.

This program requires the correct OpenGL libaries to be included, which are available for Windows (AMD64, i586), Linux (AMD64, i586), Mac OS X (PPC, Universal) and Solaris (AMD64, i586, SPARC, SPARC V9)